Hola, no sé donde escribir esto la verdad... El cantante Cat Stevens, se convirtió al Islam ( no sé hace cuanto, yo me he enterado hace poco) y creó una web que habla sobre la espiritualidad, son sentimientos del cantante.

Bueno pues para quien le interese dejo el link de Montain of Ligth: http://www.mountainoflight.com/

y la página de facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MountainOfLight

Y la descripción en inglés es esta:

Mountain of Light is a non-profit organisation founded by Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens in 1994. www.mountainoflight.com
Yusuf’s decision to become a Muslim and devote his life to humanitarian and educational causes is one that has often been greeted with a mixture of curiosity and confusion.

Realising that he wanted to provide answers to all the questions that his fans and others had, Yusuf established Mountain of Light – a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting a sound understanding of Islam, spiritual knowledge and Yusuf’s own views.

On the Mountain of Light website you can listen to audio lectures and read articles on a wide range of topics including faith and music. You will also find an in depth, personal account of Yusuf’s journey to Islam, and his Peace Notes a collection of much needed wisdoms on how we can learn to better live with one another.

Para quien no sepa quien es este cantante que escuche canciones de el: como father and son, School yard, Moonshadow ( que es preciosa) su música es muy sencilla y natural.